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Nebraska College Athletic Conference

Nebraska Intercollegiate Conference (1916-1926)

Nebraska Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Nebraska-Iowa Athletic Conference

Nebraska Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (1970-1991)

New York State Conference

North Central Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

North Central Intercollegiate Conference (1922-1929)

North Dakota College Athletic Conference

North Dakota Intercollegiate Conference (1931-?)

North State Conference

North Carolina State Intercollegiate Conference (1931-1957)

Northern California Athletic Conference

Far Western Conference (1925-1981)

Northwestern Ohio Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Also known as the Little Ohio Conference

Oklahoma Collegiate Athletic Conference

Oklahoma Intercollegiate Conference (1914-1928)

Oklahoma Intercollegiate Conference (1974-1996)

Oregon Collegiate Conference

Oregon Intercollegiate Conference (1950-?)

Pacific Northwest Conference

Pacific Northwest Intercollegiate Conference

Pennsylvania Intercollegiate Football Association

Pioneer Conference

Prairie College Conference (1953-1967)

Prairie College Conference (1988)

Saint Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Smoky Mountain Conference

South Atlantic Intercollegiate Athletic Association

South Carolina Little Three

South Carolina Little Four (1946-1951)

South Dakota College Conference

South Dakota Intercollegiate Conference

South Dakota-Iowa Athletic Conference (1995-1999)

South East Atlantic Conference

Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Southwest Conference

Texas Collegiate Athletic Conference

Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Tri-Normal League

Tri-State Athletic Conference

Tri-State Conference (NE-IA-SD)

Tri-State Conference (PA-WV)

Triangular Football League

Northeast Intercollegiate League (1891-1892)

Eastern Intercollegiate Football Association (1887-1890)

Northern Intercollegiate Football Association (1885-1886)

Twin River Collegiate Conference

University Athletic Association

Upper Peninsula Conference

Upstate Collegiate Athletic Conference

Vermont State Conference

Virginia / North Carolina Athletic Conference

Virginia Collegiate Athletic Association

Virginia Conference

Virginia Little Eight Conference

Virginia Little Seven Conference (1954-1955)

Virginia Little Six Conference (1949-1953)

Volunteer State Athletic Conference

West Virginia Athletic Association

West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

WVIAC - Western Division

WVIAC - Eastern Division

WVIAC - Northern Division

WVIAC - Southern Division

Western Athletic Conference

WAC - Mountain Division

WAC - Pacific Division

Western Football Conference

Western Football League (1987-1990)

Western Interstate Conference

Western Interstate University Football Association

Western New York Little Three Conference

Western Pennsylvania Conference

Yankee Conference

Yankee - New England Division

Yankee - Mid Atlantic Division







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