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1 10-28-1893 Marquette (WI) 16 Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Co. 0 Milwaukee, WI

Where was Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Co. located?

2 11-16-1895 Marquette (WI) 6 Carroll (WI) 8 Milwaukee, WI

Note from Gary Kusch: Marquette led 6-0 at half time but apparently was unable to move the ball in the second half. They began bickering with the referee constantly in an effort to prevent play. Carroll scored but missed the goal after to pull within 4-6, and scored again so close to the end of the game that the goal after attempt was forfeited. So the referee awarded the game to Carroll by the 8-6 score. After Carroll returned home, they were astonished to see that all newspaper accounts stated that they lost the game 6-4. Evidently Marquette reported the score as such. Carroll sent a representative back to Milwaukee and, after a considerable effort, got a written statement from the referee to the effect that Carroll was the winner.