Incomplete Teams Section

All games in the database for Incomplete Teams are covered in this section. Game data for these teams are under construction and will be moved to the correct location once completed.

Incomplete Teams

All-Time Conference Championships

All-time Conference Champions and Conference Division Champions for all known conferences are presented

Conference Champions

All-Time Coaching Records

All-time coaching records for the following coaches (300+ wins) are provided for comparison:

  • Joe Paterno
  • Bobby Bowden
  • Amos Alonzo Stagg
  • Paul W. "Bear" Bryant
  • Glenn Scobey "Pop" Warner
  • John Gagliardi
  • Eddie G. Robinson
  • Larry Kehres
  • Roy Kidd
  • Forrest "Frosty" Westering
  • Harold R. "Tubby" Raymond
Coaching Records

Site Overview

This site focuses on the historical data of college football.

Stored within the pages of the College Football Data Warehouse will be All-Time records of all Division 1-A teams…National Champions …conference champions…bowl scores! (In time, teams from other classifications will be added.)

With that in mind, have you ever thought how those accomplishments would compare with others throughout college football’s long and memorable history?

If those thoughts have ever crossed your mind and you wondered where they could be found…then, look no farther.

The College Football Data Warehouse has a new look.

Tex Noel of 1st-N-Goal and his original college football statistical research, Accomplishments of Autumn, will have them presented within these pages.

While Accomplishments of Autumn specializes national champions, highest scoring teams, coaches and the Big 12 Conference—other compilations will also be presented, using, whenever possible, many different seasons and levels.


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Do you like many obscure stats and there's no way this or that could have happened as part of your college football knowledge, well, according to the countless sources it did and you can read about it here.

Also, included will be pictures of many outstanding players and coaches, a game story from the game that got all this annual autumn accomplishments started, played Nov. 6, 1869.

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